Cake Yeast is a Specialty Yeast for Sweet Doughs

What is the Difference Between Cake Yeast and Instant Yeast?

At Scratch, where quality baking starts, we often get asked about the differences between cake yeast and instant yeast. Understanding these variations is crucial for every baker's success. In this article, we'll explore these differences, and introduce you to our Scratch Gold Instant Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast, a standout product in the world of baking.

Understanding Yeast Varieties

Cake Yeast vs Instant Yeast

Cake yeast, also known as fresh yeast, is a moist, perishable form of yeast. It's known for its reliability in traditional baking but requires refrigeration and has a shorter shelf life. Instant yeast, like our Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast, is a dry, granular yeast that is more stable and longer-lasting.

Can I Substitute Instant Yeast for Cake Yeast?

Yes, you can substitute instant yeast for cake yeast in most recipes. The key is to use the correct conversion ratio, as the potency and volume may differ.

The Benefits of Instant Yeast

Quick and Convenient Baking

Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast stands out for its convenience. Unlike cake yeast, it doesn't need pre-hydration and works efficiently in various bread-making methods, from no-time doughs to traditional processes.

Scratch Gold Instant Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast: A Superior Choice

Designed for Excellence

Our Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast, grown in sweet beet molasses, is meticulously processed to ensure purity and effectiveness. Its small granular size guarantees rapid and uniform hydration, making it an excellent choice for consistent baking results.

Storage and Shelf Life

We recommend storing unopened packages in dry conditions. With a shelf life of one year, it's a reliable ingredient for your pantry, ensuring quality baking whenever you need it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Scratch, we back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast is made in facilities adhering to stringent manufacturing practices, making it a trustworthy choice for all your baking needs.

Practical Insights: Using Instant Yeast

In Cakes and Other Baked Goods

Wondering can I use instant yeast in cake or other recipes traditionally using cake yeast? Absolutely! Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast is versatile and perfect for various baking applications, from bread to cakes.

Conversions and Substitutions

If you need to convert cake yeast to active dry yeast, the general guideline is to use about 25% less instant yeast than cake yeast. This ensures the right yeast activity for your recipes.

Referencing Our Expertise

For more detailed insights into using instant yeast in your baking, don't miss our article "Baking Made Easy with Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast," where we delve deeper into its practical applications.


Understanding the differences between cake yeast and instant yeast is key to successful baking. With Scratch Gold Instant Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast, you're equipped with a high-quality, versatile ingredient that simplifies the baking process. Whether you're a professional or a home baker, our yeast is designed to bring out the best in your baked creations.

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