Collection: Scratch Instant Dry Yeast

Enhance Dough Rise and Aroma with Scratch's Exceptional Yeast Selection. Achieve Perfectly Fluffy and Flavorful Breads and Pastries.

Instant Dry Yeast is Superior to Active Yeast

Elevate Your Baking with Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast – The Professional Baker's Choice

Discover the secret to perfect baking with Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast, designed for those who cherish the art of baking exquisite breads. Our Instant Dry Yeast is the quintessential ingredient for a long, strong, and steady rise without the hassle of proofing. Simply add directly to your flour and witness the magic unfold, especially with doughs enriched with sugar for those delectable sweet breads.

  • No-Proof, Easy Use Formula: Designed for convenience, our yeast requires no pre-hydration, making it a superior choice for busy bakers.
  • Versatile Baking Companion: Whether you're aiming for no-time breads, short-term recipes, or traditional baking methods, Scratch Gold delivers exceptional results across the board. It's the ideal yeast for bread machines and all baking applications.
  • Optimized for Sweet Breads: Specially formulated to thrive in high-sugar doughs, ensuring your sweet creations rise beautifully every time.
  • Long-Term Storage Solution: Achieve best results by storing in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 12 months or more, with no thawing required before use.
  • Premium Quality and Purity: Cultivated in nutrient-rich beet molasses and processed in sterile conditions for a pure, high-performance product. Our granular size guarantees rapid and uniform hydration directly in the dough.

Transform your baking projects with Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast and enjoy bakery-quality bread at home. Perfect for bakers seeking efficiency without compromising on quality. Shop now and make every loaf count!