How to tell if yeast is still good to use

How Can You Tell if Instant Yeast is Good? A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Instant Yeast

In the world of baking, instant yeast is a miracle ingredient that can drastically reduce preparation time and improve results. But how do you know if your instant yeast is still good to use? Understanding the nuances of instant yeast, like Scratch Gold Instant Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast, is essential for any baker.


Qualities of Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast

Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast is a top-tier choice for baking enthusiasts and professionals. Unlike active dry yeast, it doesn't require pre-hydration, making it a time-saver in the kitchen.

Time-Saving and Versatile

Scratch Gold is perfect for various baking methods, including no-time, short term, and conventional processes. Its quick action makes it an ideal all-purpose yeast for baking.

Storage and Shelf Life

Proper storage is crucial. Keep unopened Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast in a dry place, ensuring a shelf life of one year.

Quality and Satisfaction

Sourced from sweet beet molasses, Scratch Gold yeast undergoes rigorous processing for purity. Plus, it's backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Testing Instant Yeast: Is it Good?

To test if your instant yeast, like Fleischmann's or Scratch Gold, is still active:

  • Visual Inspection: Fresh instant yeast should be granular and uniform in size. If it's clumpy or has a strange color, it might be expired.
  • Activation Test: While instant yeast doesn't need activation, a quick test can be helpful. Mix it with warm water (not hot, as it can kill the yeast) and a pinch of sugar. If it bubbles within 10 minutes, it's active.

yeast activation test

What About Expired Yeast?

  • Expired Yeast Uses: If your yeast is past its prime, it might not be potent enough for baking. However, it can still be used for science experiments or as a nutritional supplement for plants.
  • Testing Expired Yeast: To test expired yeast, follow the same activation test. If there's no reaction, it's time to replace it.

The Difference Between Instant and Active Dry Yeast

Understanding the difference is crucial for successful baking:

  • Instant Yeast: Scratch Gold Instant Yeast doesn't need to be proven or activated with warm water. It's added directly to the dry ingredients.
  • Active Dry Yeast: Requires proofing in warm water before use.


Scratch Gold Instant Rapid-Rise Dry Yeast is a reliable, high-quality choice for bakers. By knowing how to test and properly store your yeast, you can ensure successful, delicious baking every time. Remember, with Scratch, you're not just buying an ingredient; you're investing in a guaranteed quality product.

Remember, Scratch is not just about selling ingredients; it's about ensuring the success and satisfaction of your baking journey. Choose Scratch Gold Instant Dry Yeast for reliability and excellence in your baking projects!

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